Pilot Project Aims to To Expand Sonoma County’s Homeless Intake

Santa Rosa’s Catholic Charities will head the expansion of a 2- year old pilot program. The program hopes to expand the county’s reach from single families to over 3,000 people – the county’s entire homeless population.

As it is now, the homeless community has to navigate a various programs and waiting lists to gain access to proper shelter. In the months to come, this will no longer be an issue due to a centralized system that will be put in place by the local government.

Before the launch of Santa Rosa’s Catholic Charities initiative, the homeless community of Sonoma would have to go through a lengthy process of partaking in many in person visits as well as hope to make good connections to and/or be placed on a waiting list. This approach has without a doubt made it difficulty for many of these families to achieve their goals of finding a safe place for their family to stay in the face of difficult times.

This initiative known as the coordinated intake,  was prompted by the Board of Supervisors and will allow members of the community to have one point of contact throughout their entire process and said point of contact will be responsible for handling helping the families find housing beds or shelter in Sonoma County.

For more information of this initiative, visit the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa at   www.srcharities.org