The Sanders Effect

The race for the presidency has been something out of daytime television. Candidates run the gamut from honest to absurd, all vying to sit behind the most coveted desk, in the most famous office in the country. And though initially eclipsed by the enormity of more boisterous candidates, Bernie Sanders is pulling ahead and receiving his well-earned time in the spotlight.

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His campaign gathering steam, Bernie’s major success in Iowa has been invaluable to cementing his position in the polls. A massive outpouring of support from the general public, along with a team of highly motivated support staff stand poised to vault Bernia over his competition, and land him in the oval office. Take Caleb Humphrey for example, the 30-year-old Army veteran met with Mr. Sanders in Iowa after making over 2,000 calls in support of his campaign. If this is the sort of dedication his bid for presidency is receiving from motivated citizens, imagine the effort his staff is putting forth.

With 53 people on his Iowa staff, and plans to hire many more, the Bernie Sanders train is moving at full speed. Alongside a team of highly trained individuals working with Bernie directly, recent numbers have indicated more than 1,700 volunteers are operating 15 different campaigns to raise awareness of Mr.Sanders and his message. Logging over 10,000 phone calls and knocking on nearly 20,000 doors, the support for Bernie’s bid is practically unprecedented. Beyond those who simply believe his message, more than 140,000 supporters have registered as volunteers on his campaign website.

Mr. Sanders’ support is so immense, that he’s had to enlist the aid of several organizers to manage the outpouring of volunteers. Millennials, the largest demographic since baby-boomers, are rallying behind Bernie, and are utilizing social media to spread awareness of his campaign. While still anyones race, Bernie Sanders has clearly established himself as a name not to be overlooked. For more on Bernie Sanders, click here.